Alison and Emilio's Wedding at Granite Club

November 13, 2017


Alison called me barely a month before her wedding. I was hesitant to accept at first, but there was this unfathomable enthusiasm in her voice that made it impossible to refuse. With such a short notice, we couldn't possibly have a time for usual consultant session. I didn't even get to talk to Alison again until the wedding day.


On the wedding day, I didn't know what to expect except that it was held in a private facility called 'Granite Club' at Bayview Ave. The wedding turned out to be one of the best I've been. It wasn't the most extravagant or the most hip one, but the people, I've never seen a group of wedding guests dance so hard. With the bride and groom at the center of them, everyone, including myself, had a joyful time. If there is a cliche example of stress-free, fun wedding, this was definitely the one.
















































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