Irene and Michael's Wedding at Richmond Green

November 14, 2017

When I met Irene and Michael for the first time in person, I thought 'now this is an interesting couple'. I knew how energetic and proactive Irene was from our previous Skype chat, but Michael was far from what I imagined him to be from Irene's brief description of him. With long wavy hair and a surprisingly laid back personality, Michael seemed like one of those guys who don't have to lift a finger to look cool. I didn't ask how the two met, but I could imagine it must've been quite an interesting interaction.

Of course, even with a cool-aid kid personality, Michael was the tense one between the two. You might think guys aren't much good at taking photos, but often times they are surprisingly relaxed due to lack of caring how they look. I think Michael was a bit more perceptive about his look then most guys. In the end, he got the look exactly right.

By the time we started shooting couple portraits, the whole place was covered in beautiful crimson light. We toured the whole park from the gazebo where the ceremony was held to the waterfalls and the bridge.We would've kept going if it wasn't for the reception at another location, but I think for an outdoor wedding shoot, this was pretty much spot on.




































































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